Fire Resistant Glass


Posted March 18, 2018

There are few situations that pose a greater risk to personal safety than the outbreak of fire. Greene Fire can provide various life-saving fire resistant glass solutions that will not only keep people safe, but will protect the building itself and its occupants. Fire resistant glass protects against fire, smoke and hot, toxic gases, our glass is available in a number of options, such as FRL and framing options to suit every building application – including heritage steel frame or frameless options for seamless architectural integration.

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Failsafe horizontal fire protection

horzontal H200 1

Posted January 18, 2018

The right product for the right application. Fire protection has become a key focus for architects, designers and engineers. A common issue is the lack of horizontal fire protection for separations between floors for example. Horizontal fire curtains are a great light weight solution for fire separation of openings in floors. Greenefire are introducing a new technology into Australia – introducing the new H200 horizontal fire SHUTTER. Read more…

Corporate Profile


Posted June 9, 2017

Greene Fire have released a new corporate profile brochure depicting some of their more recent projects which also includes their full range of niche product solutions including fire shutters with egress and operable glass louvers, as well as their more traditional range of smoke and fire curtains.
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Feeling hot? Reduce inside temperature by up to 10°C


Posted January 11, 2017

Feeling Hot? Most of us have returned to work after two weeks of holiday and fun in the sun. During this time we saw temperatures reach as high as 40°C in capital cities and 46.6°C in rural areas, so we promptly turned up the air-conditioning and sought refuge at the beach and shopping centres. Read more…

Heritage Steel Windows and Doors


Posted December 6, 2016

Greene Fire, a leading fire specialist in Australia, can now provide heritage steel glazed solutions in steel framing for both fire rated and non-fire rated requirements.

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MicroLouvre Fire Attenuation Screen


Posted August 5, 2016

MicroLouvre fire attenuation screen, the most efficient solar shading product, has now been tested and proven to have market leading fire performance. The specially angled, bronze louvres are the perfect solution for reflecting heat, as was shown by the industry leading 49.4% attenuation achieved when tested at CSIRO.

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