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Double Bank Louvre

Double bank louvre is the minimum requirement for providing weather louvre and performance louvre for rain defense.

Where ventilation and a good level of rain defence is required, double stage louvres are the answer. The louvres can be extruded in lengths up to 6m long in the Architectural Line and are available in 50mm or 75mm blade spacing.

Blade Airflow velocity in m/s Airflow
Space 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 Coefficient
50 A A A A A B C C 0.291
75 B B C C C D D D 0.239


Model Blade Spacing (mm) Blade Depth (mm) Blade Configuration Front Blade Orientation Rear Blade Orientation Support Mullions
AI-5020 50 137 Twin Horizontal Horizontal Hidden
AI-7520 75 137 Twin Horizontal Horizontal Hidden
MI-5020 50 145 Twin Horizontal Horizontal Visible
MI-7520 75 145 Twin Horizontal Horizontal Visible

Double stage 66

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High grade extruded aluminium to grade 6063 T5 and T6. Tensile strength of 152 – 300MPa.


Anodised, polyester power or PVDF coatings

Rain Defence

More than 99% efficient, Class A rain defence classification up to wind speed of 2.0m/s. Allowing less than 0.75l/hr/m2 of water through the louvre using 50mm blade spacing.


Class 2 airflow coefficient of 0.291 with 50mm

Span Table

Maximum mullion centres of 1.25m for wind load up to 5kPa.

Up to 1.5m for wind load up to 2kPa.

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