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FireMaster FZ

The FireMaster FZ bushfire shutter is a BAL-FZ bushfire rated shutter that is installed around any window or door. This product provides protection from direct flame contact, heat radiation, burning debris and ember attack. This product utilises a lightweight material allowing for a smaller and more compact headbox which can be hidden within a structure.

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why do I need bushfire shutters?

Ensuring your home is bushfire safe is an essential requirement when living in a high risk location. When developing in a bushfire danger zone it is a requirement to strengthen your external openings in order to satisfy the bushfire protection measures.

Bushfire shutters are designed to protect any external opening from fire entering the home. The technologically advanced fire rated fabric used in our bushfire shutters allow small head and side housing that can achieve large spans. This allows for all aspects of the system to be hidden until deployment, providing you with greater design freedom and the ability to create vast open spaces.

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what are bushfire protection measures?

Due to the high risks associated with living in a bushfire prone area, building requirements have been designed to ensure your maximum safety in the event of a fire. These requirements vary dependent on your bushfire attack level (BAL).

what is BAL?

BAL stands for ‘bushfire attack level’, it is used to determine the appropriate level of protection needed relative to the likelihood of a bushfire attack.

BAL is determined by knowing 4 things:

  • Type of vegetation surrounding the property
  • Slope of vegetation
  • Fire Danger Index (FDI)
  • The distance of the vegetation from the property

The BAL levels vary dependent on potential danger and each level has seperate requirements in order to satisfy safety standards, these levels include:

Bushfire Attack Levels Flamezone Bushfire Shutter

how does the firemaster FZ bushfire shutter work?

The shutter is concealed in a compact headbox until it is deployed. The boxing can be hidden or left exposed as per your design. The headbox can also be powder coated to the desired colour to ensure seamless application.

Our shutter is compact and capable of protecting any standard window. We can achieve sizes of 2.4m x 2.4m with a maximum oversize of 3m x 3m.

The FireMaster FZ flamezone bushfire shutter has a simple deployment by the press of a button. The curtain is deployed with by a gravity failsafe, ensuring that the curtain will always deploy even in the event of a power outage. Once closed the bushfire shutter will stop fire getting into your home.

In the event of a bushfire, the protective equipment are often needed to be replaced. This can be extremely expensive when replacing fire rated windows. Our FireMaster FZ only requires the fabric to be replaced in the event of a bushfire. This greatly reduces costs and removing that stress when a bushfire has occurred.

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