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Concertina fire curtain

Intertenancy stair in Melbourne protected with concertina fire curtain

Lend Lease Tenancy - Barangaroo T3

Multi Floor Office Space Protected with Greene Fire Vertical and Horizontal Curtains. ‘The Fire Curtains created more space and provided a great solution Architecturally’ – Mike Harrington

Round Concertina

18 sided FireMaster Concertina fire curtain. no side guides. fire and smoke protecting an internal stair in the 6 star green star 1 Bligh St building. The video has been sped up 4 times original

Smoke Baffle Hot Smoke Test

Many hot smoke tests were performed to prove the fire engineered solution for this building, with Coopers SmokeStop working successfully every time. This video shows a 42m wide 3m high active smoke barrier on level 2 during one of the hot smoke tests

FireMaster SuperPlus

Two hour fire rated curtain with side wall drenching sprinklers to provide a 2 hour integrity and insulation (insulated) fire barrier

Concertina Hot Smoke Test

This hot smoke test was performed in Adelaide at an office fitout where there were 5 floors interconnected by 2 internal stairs. Two Coopers FireMaster Concertina fire curtains were installed on the same level to provide fire and smoke separation.

Adelaide Convention Centre

Two Coopers SmokeStop smoke curtains installed at Adelaide Convention Centre. One of the curtains had to be angled to suit the shape of the building

Obstruction Warning for Concertina

Obstruction warning system flush model for use with Concertina and smoke curtains without side guides. Monitor for obstructions under the fire curtain