Greene Fire Provide Unique and Bespoke Product Solutions

Greene Fire are industry leading manufacturers of fire engineered solutions. Based in Australia since 2000, Greene Fire creates unique solutions for any fire safety need with our industry leading fire safety products. Through its rapid development within the construction industry, Greene Fire has provided solutions for buildings such as the Sydney Opera House, Monash University, and many more.

Greene Fire is an Australian manufacturer of fire curtains and smoke curtains. We also supply numerous fire protection, smoke control and environmental solutions for the construction industry. Our product range compliments our traditional offering of fire curtains and smoke curtains allowing our customers the flexibility of using one supplier for their niche fire protection needs. This flexibility ensures the highest quality of protection is provided and at the most environmentally and economically friendly levels.

Supporting our traditional Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtains, we offer a complete range of ventilation products. All products are fully tested and certified natural smoke ventilators. It is important to use correctly tested and third party certified products.

Our revolutionary MicroLouvre products are an ideal solution for any fire attenuation requirement as well as any solar shading need. Our MicroLouvre Fire Attenuation Screen scored an industry leading 49.4% attenuation when tested by the CSIRO.

Our fire rated glazing products are well known for their extensive testing and compliance. Including fully insulated options up to 120 minutes fire rating. We are happy to talk to you about cost saving options to incorporate fire rated glazing instead of non-fire rated alternatives.

Fire shutters are normally considered cumbersome, restrictive in use and unsightly, Greene Fire breaks this stereotype with aesthetically appealing solutions. Learn more about Wide Span Opening Protectives incorporating standard, compliant swing egress doors. These will change your opinion on fire shutters and provide you the design flexibility you are looking for.

Enquire about our FREE CPD Seminars on Wide Span Opening Protectives, Fire Curtains, Smoke Barriers and the NEW British Standard, BS 8524, the only standard specifically for fire curtains incorporating smoke control.