Our range of fire products is the most extensive in the world.

Greene Fire are the leading designers, manufacturers and installers of fire curtains and fire barriers in Sydney, having pioneered fire curtains in Australia since 2000.

Our niche fire protection solutions have all been rigorously tested and certified, with a massive range being available to commercial builders, architects and fire engineers.

Offering many different levels of fire protection and smoke control, Australian developments can attain peace of mind by investing in our products. Sometimes referred to as fire shutters, the “curtain” of a fire curtain is made of engineered fabric and not steel.

Developed to provide an alternative to fixed non-loadbearing walls, partitions and fire shutters, fire curtains and smoke curtains can be used as part of a fire engineering performance solution in commercial, residential and industrial applications such as airports, shopping centres, offices and hotels, or anywhere else where there is a need for maintaining open access areas.

Fire curtains and smoke curtains assist with building design by providing a lightweight solution for protecting large openings and providing smoke control. Traditional building materials normally cannot protect such openings, requiring more space within the building and being a heavy load on the structure.

Fire curtains are made in vertical and horizontal configurations to suit almost any building requirement. The compact Vii Fire range provides cost effective options up to 3m x 3m in size, making them a highly practical fire and smoke barrier.

For expertly manufactured and flawlessly installed fire curtains and smoke barriers in Sydney, Melbourne and throughout Australia, look no further than the industry-leading Greene Fire.