Horizontal fire curtain with no visible supports

4 national curcuit 6

Posted May 2, 2016

4 National Circuit, ACT: By incorporating Coopers FireMaster® NVS™ horizontal fire curtain barriers on levels 2 & 4 the voids are able to be closed in fire mode. This reduces the compartment size to within the BCA requirements for Type A construction of not more than two interconnected floors, a floor area of less than 8,000m2 and office volume less than 48,000m3. Read more…

100 metre long atrium with more than 100 smoke curtains


Posted May 2, 2016

One Shelley Street King Street Wharf, NSW: A Coopers SmokeStop smoke curtain system inclusive of side guides (zero edge gaps) was used with bespoke operation and controls to provide a sophisticated level of smoke management. Three different automated alarm scenarios had to be incorporated into a custom fireman’s override panel to meet the objectives of the fire engineer’s design. Read more…