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Continuing Professional Development Training

Posted March 15, 2018

We provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training seminars are ‘Active Smoke Barriers’, ‘Fire Curtain Barrier assemblies: Non-invasive fire protection’, ‘BS 8524 Part 1 and 2: The NEW British Standard for active fire curtain barriers’ and ‘Smoke Curtains in Smoke Extract Systems in Atria’.

  • Active Smoke Barriers – This comprehensive, educational seminar provides delegates with an informative account of smoke curtain barriers, their applications and the integral role they play when installed within the build environment in conjunction with a Smoke, Heat, Exhaust and Ventilation (SHEVS) systems. Written to provide regulators and the design community and other professional bodies with a greater understanding of the governing standards and regulatory compliance.
  • Fire Curtain Barrier assemblies: Non-invasive fire protection – A comprehensive, educational seminar designed to provide Architects, Building Controllers control bodies and Fire Professionals with a greater understanding of fire curtain barriers and the governing standards that regulate their use. From compartmentation to protecting a means of escape, this educational seminar will illustrate when and where fire curtain barriers can be specified within the build environment. A review of a fire barriers’ operation, installation and continuous servicing requirements will provide delegates with the opportunity to ask pressing and topical questions.
  • BS 8524 Part 1 and Part 2: The NEW British Standard for active fire curtain barriers – An educational seminar designed to introduce the recently published BS 8524-1 and -2 for active ?re curtain barriers will enrich professionals with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the changes from BSI PAS 121 and the newer more robust test requirements and application for use.
    Written specifically to empower Architects, Building Control Bodies and Fire Professionals, this seminar will explain the significant requirements and the significance for use to provide compartmentation and protecting means of escape. At conclusion delegates can have topical questions answered.
  • Smoke Curtains in Smoke Extract Systems in Atria – This educational presentation is intended to describe the principle of the Automatic Smoke Containment Curtain or Blind as a general concept, the physical construction of the product, how it functions and how it is incorporated into/interface with the Smoke Extract System, the building and more importantly, the lives it is designed to protect.Automatic Smoke Blinds are normally always used as an adjunct to a Smoke Extract or Smoke Control System to function more effectively, both in operational and economical efficiency. Smoke Extract is itself a separate discipline and it is not intended to cover this subject in any detail in this CPD. Of necessity, the information given is of a general, rather than specific nature, as there are several different types of system available.

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