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Corporate Profile


Posted June 9, 2017

Greene Fire have released a new corporate profile brochure depicting some of their more recent projects which also includes their full range of niche product solutions including fire shutters with egress and operable glass louvers, as well as their more traditional range of smoke and fire curtains.

Greene Fire employs a diverse range of employees with the required skills and expertise to deliver custom engineered solutions. Our staff are actively involved in the fire protection industry at Fire Protection Association (FPAA) technical advisory committees, Standards Australia and ISO committees for Fire Safety standards.

Our Product Range

Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtains
The market leading range of high performance fire and smoke curtains. Available in horizontal or vertical configurations to suit almost any building requirement. Concertina™ fire curtains protect void without needing side guides.


Fire Glass
Glazed walls, skylights, façades, windows and doors. A fire rated glass solution with either insulated or non-insulated performance. Frames are available in timber, steel, frameless or even aluminum!


Fire Shutters
Specialising in Wide Span Opening Protectives, we can protect very large openings with high fire, acoustic and insulation performance. Models are available to meet any design challenge with vertical, side or horizontal operation. A unique system incorporating egress compliant fire doors.


Glass Smoke Baffles
Where glass smoke baffles are required in the design, we can provide the most cost effective, clear and unobtrusive solution. Our design is elegant and simple.


MicroLouvre™ provides solar shading and glare control for building windows. At only 1.2 mm thick it is the most effective, almost invisible solar shading product available. The screens are also fire tested for use as attenuation screens or bush fire screen to protect windows and property boundary walls.

performance-louvrePerformance Louvres
Vital louvre series allow louvres to be concealed with numerous attractive mesh options to complement or match the building façade. Performance louvres provide ventilation and a high level of  rain defence to protect building plant and equipment.window-louvre

Louvre Windows
Single, double and triple glazed louvre windows including new top hung double glazed window by Hahn. Outstanding design and performance to meet stringent aesthetic, ventilation, weather and acoustic requirements. Fully automatic and motorised or manual operation.


Natural ventilation is the best way to cool a structure providing low maintenance and running costs. Greene Fire provides a complete range of roof or wall ventilators including fully certified smoke ventilation products.


Total Door
Why specify a fire door when you can get a Total Door™? A fully integrated door system with concealed fixing full height hinge assembly and full height latching. With fewer moving parts. Total Door™ is tested for more than 5 million cycles. Reducing installation time, maintenance costs and providing unbeatable reliability and unmatched security.


high wind performance shutters
Looking for cyclone proof shutters. We have tested performance up to 455km/hr winds. Protecting life in public areas such as schools. We can also offer operable performance with wind speeds up to 180km/hr where guaranteed entry and exit from the building is required – such as SES or fire brigade.


Service and Security Grilles
Non-fire rated door, shutters and grills for almost any application, Incorporating swing service doors in the operable shutters makes these service and security grills easily accessible and secure.


Architectural Steel Windows and Doors
Custom made and bespoke windows and doors providing seamless integration into new designs, or match with existing heritage requirements.

Please download brochure to view our range of products and recent projects.


Contact your local representative for further more information.

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