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Feeling hot? Reduce inside temperature by up to 10°C


Posted January 11, 2017

Feeling Hot? Most of us have returned to work after two weeks of holiday and fun in the sun. During this time we saw temperatures reach as high as 40°C in capital cities and 46.6°C in rural areas, so we promptly turned up the air-conditioning and sought refuge at the beach and shopping centres.

MicroLouvre near-invisible solar shading

Our MicroLouvre™ screens have been proven to reduce temperatures near windows up to 10°C whilst still providing almost perfect vision and ventilation.

  • Reduce the cost of your air-conditioning bill
  • Reduce the heat inside your home or office
  • Increase comfort levels
  • Increase productivity

With temperatures forecast into the mid 30s across January and February, there is still time to get MicroLouvre™ Solar Shading protection for your windows.

before01 before02
 Before Before
after02 after01
After After

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